If at first you don’t succeed …

Dexter DuvetI’ve been doing my best to snap out of my ‘scardie boy’ state of mind. Its not as easy as you think when you’re sharing a cottage with a streetcat that’s half lion, and a Bull Terrier that’s half human.

Gremlin – the cat – is being kinder to me so I’m gaining confidence. Anna is keen to get me ‘communicating’ and changing my mind-set from scared into happy………yeah …right…..!

People wanted to call me Elvis because I shook so much – ha! That’s stopping as I become a ‘littleman’, handling situations in my own time, without being rewarded for the shakes. Anna’s right! I think I was taught to shake. Now I’m not quivering like a leaf, I want to fit in. It’s not that bad here.

Thing is Molly doesn’t help, she’s so eager to please and does everything really well, despite being deaf as a post. Anna uses sign language to ask Molly what to do – I could see all this from the minute I arrived, but what I lacked was any training or any motivation to do anything. I’m quite happy to do what I want, when I want.

That’s until my head spaced started to change. Anna, Molly – the Bull Terrier and little me started going places, attending events, meeting people and travelling on the train. It was sink or swim! I had to do what Molly did.

Today I went to the huge – really enormous- fields at the back of our funny cottage. I love it there. The smells just blow your mind! It’s a bit like Countryfile and proper muddy.

I’m so distracted by the sound of silence, smells of rabbits, phesants and other dogs that Anna loves ‘learning’ me there. Today I did a sit stay, ‘look me’ (look at Anna’s huge nose), ‘touch’ (put nose on Anna’s hand), ‘together’ (walk close to Anna’s left side) and a wait (stand still until directed).

Impressed…I am…….more soon!

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