You are what you eat…its about being species appropriate

Anna Webb Dexters Diaries

Dex fleece one

I’m a typical ‘small’ dog with a picky appetite, some days I just can’t be bothered to even try.

Molly the Miniature Bull terrier and Gremlin the Streetcat would eat anything …..and Gremlin literally does! He’ll bring in at least two or three of Buckinghamshire’s finest rodents a day. Anna doesn’t mind being into species appropriate and naturopathic stuff.

He’s even brought in an adult rabbit and ate it all, head and everything! Problem was he devoured it like a lion right in front of me. My life flashing before me, I just froze…..hoping he wouldn’t want little me for desert. Gremlin hated me.

I had eaten raw chicken wings before and I used to have dry biscuits for breakfast. They left me feeling so thirsty and a bit hyperactive. Anna has studied all this natural nutrition stuff and she believes you are what you eat. Being naturopathic means feeding us a species appropriate diet, which can help prevent all sorts of health problems and make certain health conditions things better. I don’t full understand what species appropriate means? I suppose it means because I’m a dog and I should eat meat?

That’s why Molly eats what she does. She loves that stinky raw green tripe stuff. And she’s got a cupboard dedicated to her supplements. The minute I arrived Anna dipped into Molly’s stash. I was given a right mixture of naturopathic stuff to help with my joints, my rash, my nerves. my baldness. Anna said my immune system needing boosting – whatever that means?

You see as I’ve only got one hip my body was out of balance and needed help. Apparently my other hip is also affected by this condition. I’ve got called Legg Calves Perthes disease. It’s a bizarre name, but means my ball socket joints turn into ‘egg shells’ and shatter. Anna is on a mission to stop my other hip from being removed, believing that a good immune system, circulation, and muscle tone will delay or prevent it totally. Let’s hope so! I’m on a raft of powders, minute tablets called ‘homeopathy’ and chlorophyll…….(Why? Don’t ask me now, that’s for another day!)

Anna’s also got this really cool ‘red light’ thing. It’s a phototherapy gadget that’s working a treat on my baldness. I’m growing hairs on my chest for the first time in years. Best of all my signatory tan diamond marking is growing back. Every English Toy Terrier with my distinctive heritage should have one.

I do feel more manly and my red fleece jumper is a godsend. I love it.

More soon, Dexter