Christmas, health and wealth

Anna Webb Dexters Diaries

 Elf oneThis Christmas spirit is quite good fun! Anna’s been rushing around madly ……..I’m much better with hustle and bustle than I used to be. You see it’s all a question of consistent de-sensitisation as part of my training program.

I’ve never worn a hat before…….I didn’t even know what one was, until last week. But I loved wearing my elf fashion hat. I do an elf really well, its because I’ve got my signature ‘candle-flame’ pointy ears, the hat’s a good fit. Molly wore antlers and looked just like a reindeer for our Christmas card shoot.

Apparently elves and reindeer live with Santa Paws in Lapland. I know I’d be warm and dry in frosty conditions wearing my Equafleece jumper. Maybe I should apply to be a Santa’s little helper this year, but then again it could be hard work with strict rules, which I hate.

Dressing dogs up is controversial, but so long as you don’t mind, and the intention is to have fun not to be-little, it’s all good training practice. Posing for the camera is a sure way to get some deliciously scrumptious raw venison treats. They’re ‘on message’ with our raw food policy, and full of natural ‘species appropriate’ goodness for Molly and I. Sadly Gremlin is a bit partial to them too, and a packet goes in no time.

I won’t be telling the reindeer about that! I may be feeling more ‘manly’, but those stag antlers don’t bare thinking about.

I’m staying in our hobbit-like cottage with Molls and Gremlin over Christmas. The good news is Gremlin is totally off my case now; so I can relax and pop into my Elf costume anytime without be laughed at.

Molly has been a bit incontinent lately, with guests arriving, stress levels have gone through the roof. Molly’s a specific homeopathic combo three times a day to get the situation better. It doesn’t stop the pongy aroma. We don’t use ‘chemical’ cleaners in the cottage, it’s all as naturopathic as possible. What with the air purifier machine and the bi-carb of soda concoction sprayed liberally everywhere it’s doing the trick. I hope I never get leaking wee syndrome, I’ve got enough to worry about with my baldness.

Maybe Santa Paws will give me a hairy chest for Christmas?

More soon, Dexter