Brush your teeth!

Anna Webb Dexters Diaries

Dexter headI’m loving the start to the new year I’m keeping to my resolution to learn more and be more confident.

Christmas was a big learning experience for me. I was disappointed that I didn’t get the hairy chest I wanted. Much to everyone’s despair I am still quite bald. That said I enjoyed the festivities and got quite confident at socialising.

Molly so always steals the limelight in her bullish me me way. When people came round I played smart and used my ‘small’ size to my advantage. Being under-stated and calm, I ended up getting more attention.

I’m working on my baldness though as I want to be handsome like other ETTs. Luckily I’m taking lots of supplements like silicea and biotin for my skin, and I’m really into coconut oil – I lick it off a spoon. It’s very rich and packed with lots of stuff for the skin like Vitamine E and special fatty acids like triglycerides. I really hope it works! There are some hairs growing now …

I know I am handsome and unique even with my weird condition called Legg Calves Perthes disease. It just makes me feel a bit vulnerable knowing I’ve only got one hip. Not that this matters here. I join in walks and have plenty of fun to strengthen my muscles.

I love smiling especially when I wind Gremlin up. I’ve been a bit conscious though as my teeth were quite brown. Apparently at my old home I’d had a ‘dental’ before I was two years old.

The problem is as a little ‘toy’ dog us tiddlers are known for having trouble with our teeth. It’s got something to do with the roots not being in as deep as bigger dogs. Over the Christmas holidays I decided to let my teeth be cleaned. I loathe the brushing; it’s nothing less than quite a humiliation.

The natural raw food diet is helping my teeth and gums, as I really chew on my raw mince. But my teeth are so crammed together it’s nearly impossible to prevent some gunk.

After a couple of goes with special sage toothpaste from Dorwest Herbs I’m like a little ‘Simon Cowell’ I’ve got super white shiney teeth. So much gunk and blood came off. That’s a worry as periodontal disease affects 85% dogs before they’re five. I’m nearly three and prove that daily brushing is OK!