Needles and Pins

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Dexter Acupuncture twoNeedles and pins…….

Today Molly and I went to see our holistic vet Richard Allport. He runs an amazing practice called the Natural Medicine Centre. The great thing about it is it’s not like going to the ordinary vet.

For a start there’s no ‘scary’ smells of drugs lurking, but that’s because there are no drugs there, well not the ordinary conventional sort!

Molly has been seeing Richard for years. She loves him. He’s helped her with so many things like her stiffness, her broken tooth, her left shoulder, the mystery bladder problem and the list goes on. Molly is 91 in dog years and isn’t doing badly. She can give still me a run for my money.

I’ve only been seeing Richard in the last six months. He seems very wise and kind. Like Molly I’ve had needles stuck into me, it’s called acupuncture. Apparently acupuncture was invented in China around 8,000 years ago. It’s a key part of the ‘ying and yang’ principle of Chinese medicine that’s all about the flow of electromagnetic energy. It might sound a bit ‘wacky’, but it really works.

The reason needles are poked into specific places is to release negative ‘energy’ and promote the flow of “Qi’. A flow of positive energy gets the circulation going, reducing inflammation and pain. It’s a bit like un-blocking a traffic jam on the motorway.

Qi can be explained ‘conventionally’ as ATP – the energy produced by mitochondria in every cell. So scientists do agree that acupuncture works for loads of muscular conditions, and much more.

I love the needles going in to help my hips. The pain relief outweighs any discomfort. The problem I’ve got is that over time my body has progressively got physically imbalanced. My right side is bigger than my left, and that’s because it’s been compensating for my weaker left-side. That’s the one without a hip.

The acupuncture helps engage the muscles where my hip used to be, making them stronger and less tight. That means I can use this leg much more and it’s taking pressure off my right back leg. Phew!

I have pins in my shoulders and head too! My shoulders are so tight as they’ve been working hard being my ‘front wheel drive’ as my ‘back wheel’ drive has never been exactly turbo-charged; so it’s really good to put some Qi into them.

I have one pin in my head as well. That’s to help my pituitary gland make hormones. I’m hoping it works to give me a hairy chest. Maybe one day!

I’m only 21 in human years so Richard’s confident it won’t take long to make me a little big man.

More soon, Dexter x