Anna believes that all animals, but particularly dogs make us human.

One half of the Barking Blondes with Jo Good, Anna co-presents the only radio show dedicated to dogs in Europe, BBC Radio London's 'The Barking Hour'.

Anna has contributed weekly to The Titchmarsh show, the Gabby Logan Show, co-authored Barking Blondes – the book, and regularly contributes as a canine spokesperson on national and local radio.

Anna is a columnist for a host of canine and health magazines, including Your Dog, The Good Vet & Pet Guide, The Independent and Animal Therapy Magazine.

Anna is passionate about holistic healthcare and studied with the College of Integrated Veterinary Studies. Combining her Psychology degree, Anna offers a holistic view to help dogs and their owners, fusing training and behaviour, environmental factors and natural nutrition.

Believing you are what you eat, Anna has always fed her dogs a raw diet, and is an Ambassador for Natural Instinct.

The thirteen years Anna shared with her beloved Mini Bull Terrier, Molly, best represents her lifelong passion for dogs.

Training the only breed deemed impossible by Barbara Woodhouse, Anna and Molly broke boundaries competing at Canine Freestyle (doggy dancing); agility and showed Molly at Crufts. Molly will be best remembered for her TV and Radio appearances and as an ambassador for her breed globally.

Anna is now owned by Prudence her Mini Bull puppy and Mr Binks her re-homed English Toy Terrier. Perhaps a surprise is that the pack leader is Gremlin, Anna’s stray street-cat, who’s learnt some tricks and thinks he’s a dog!


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