Photizo Vetcare
Conditions and Treatment

Please take note of the following:

For effective treatment, small animals and livestock need different dosages.

The Photizo Vetcare is programmed to provide an effective one-time dose. For different animal types, please follow the treatment guidelines below:

Domestic Animals

Skin Problems

Superficial muscle/tendon/ligament

Deep muscle/tendon/ligament

Joint & Bone problems

Large Livestock

Single dose

Single dose

Single dose

Single dose


Single dose

Double dose

Triple dose

Double dose


* Note these guidelines on dosing apply to small/medium breeds. From practical experience from many users; larger domestic animals may require more than a single dose, (especially over large muscle groups).

Soft tissue problems: muscle, tendon, fascia & ligaments:

Acute Injuries:
Start treating the injured and painful area once daily, for ten days. Thereafter, if the conditions still prevails or the animal still experiences discomfort, treat two to three times a week. In cases of acute pain, you may treat twice daily for two to three days, but revert back to once daily for ten days.
If muscle spasm and painful trigger points are present, include these areas in the treatment. Treatment of the acupuncture points are also indicated, and have good treatment outcomes.
Chronic and overuse problems:
Treat affected areas once daily for five to seven days; thereafter revert to treatment two to three times a week for up to three weeks. If some discomfort is still noticeable revert to treatment once a week. If the problem persists, please re-evaluate the condition, or refer to a veterinary surgeon.

Livestock: Treat directly over the affected udder, with double dosages two to three times a week, until the condition clears. Do not discontinue topical or systemic medications.
Domestic animals: Treat area once daily until condition clears.

Wounds, lacerations, hyaloma tick bite necrosis, hot-spots, abscesses, saddle sores, habronema, proud flesh, acral lick granulomas, bruising , otitis externa, pyoderma:

Acute injuries:
Start treatment as soon as possible to stimulate cell repair. Treat all acute skin injuries daily until healed.

Chronic skin problems:
Treat once daily for five to seven days, thereafter treat twice weekly. You may reduce treatment when the condition stabilizes to once weekly, to sustain healthy skin.

Infectious conditions, e.g. abscesses, hotspots, habronema, coryne bactereosis, etc:
Treatment with the Photizo Vetcare is not a replacement for antibiotics or other prescription medication, but will assist in the healing process by stimulating the immune system, speed up the healing, and help medication be delivered to the affected areas. Surgical drainage of the abscesses are in some cases indicated, before optimum treatment will be effective. Treat daily alongside prescribed medication until infection clears.

Joint problems, bone bruising, stress fractures & cartilage injuries:

Acute injuries:
Start treatment as soon as possible. Cover the whole joint line or area injured. Treat daily for ten days, and revert to treatment three times a week until healed.

Chronic joint conditions such as arthritis, hip dysplasia:
Treat once daily for five to seven days to reduce the inflammatory process and control pain. Thereafter, treat two to three times a week for two weeks. Reduce treatment frequency when the condition stabilises to once weekly. Cover the whole joint line, front, sides and back.

Deep tissue bruising & hematomas:
Start treating as soon as possible after the injury occurs, and cover the whole affected area. In cases oedema is present, also treat the proximal lymph nodes, to ensure faster drainage of waste products, and protein compounds. Treat daily until healed.

Post-operative treatments:
Treat directly after surgery, especially surgery on horses. Treatment will help the prevention of proud flesh formation. Treat daily for five to ten days. Treatment benefits include pain relief, faster healing, reduction in scar tissue/proud flesh formation, immune stimulation and a reduction in swelling.

(It is recommended that treatment of these conditions are performed by a qualified veterinary surgeon!)

Eye injuries:
Although the Photizo Vetcare’s light is bright, it will not damage the eye, and treatment of eye injuries will enhance healing. If the animal is frightened by the light, you may apply treatment from the side of the head, as the light penetrates bone. Treat once daily for five to seven days.

Infectious conditions (e.g. viral/herpes related conditions, bacterial or fungal infections):
Please do not discontinue medication. Treat three to five times a week for four weeks, or until the condition heals. Photizo Vetcare stimulates the local and systemic immune system, and may cause the body to form antibodies against the pathogen.

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