Anna didn't so much more than help Alfie, but did something more wonderful, you helped us understand how to teach Alfie. Now the only thing holding us back is our imagination. Alfie loves learning, and thanks to you, we are able to do anything with our little clever boy!
Anna's one to one with Rosie our 3 year old German Shepherd was like therapy. I was at my wits end as Rosie wouldn't walk beyond our cul-de-sac. She had become overweight and anxious. Making training lots of fun, we shaped Rosie's boundaries and built her confidence. Anna guided us onto feeding a raw diet and combined a weight loss plan. Rosie has never looked better and enjoys long walks again.
Anna has an in-depth understanding, knowledge and passion for animals and their health. She gave me brilliant nutrition-based advice for my Cavalier King Charles which really helped ease the symptoms of his spondylosis.
Lottie my 9 year old English Springer, a re-home who suffered from separation anxiety. Anna's advice helped us work through this. I also learnt about focussing Lottie and building her confidence through trick training. We switched to a raw food diet with Anna's advice. Apart from losing her excess weight, and settling her sensitive tummy, Lottie is so vibrant looking. Her coat gleams and she's got a bright, happy glint in her eye.
I took Anna's advice about feeding my cat raw food after meeting her at the Alan Titchmarsh TV show. He is now 9 years old, full of energy and in good condition.