I Offer Naturopathic Advice Based On Three Pillars Of Health

Natural Nutrition

The Physical Frame

A Strong Immune System

I have studied Naturopathic Health Care and Natural Nutrition for cats and dogs with the College of Integrated Veterinary Therapies. I also have over fifteen years experience training dogs up to competition level, or just to walk to heel.

I offer one to one consultations based on a holistic approach- treating the root cause, not only its symptoms. For example a fussy eater might be deeply anxious causing a picky appetite.

Whether your dog is a barker, a lead puller, or suffers from anxiety issues, I can help by looking at the whole picture, not at the composite parts.

I build environmental factors into consultations.  Modern stressful lifestyles can conflict with a dog’s emotional balance.  We’re living in an environment where toxins are ubitquitous:  from the food we eat, the air that we breathe to the water we drink. Even exposure to electro magnetic fields can compromise the health and behaviour of your pet over time.

I offer lots of simple ways to reduce your pet’s ‘toxic load’ by thinking of the ‘building biology’ of your home environment.

Training and Behaviour 

Training your dog can be difficult if you are a new owner.  Sometimes dogs  do things that you might not understand. I believe a trained dog is happy and less stressed.

I can help you develop a line of communication built on focus and trust.  Whether you’d like to teach your old dog new tricks, bring up a perfect puppy or need advice on a specific behavioural problem, I’m happy to help.

Natural Nutrition

If you’re concerned that your dog might be a little overweight, that a persistent skin condition or even stiffness won’t go away, a simple switch to a natural diet will often help the problem. Perhaps you just want to improve your dog’s diet and minimize its processed food intake.

From puppies through to the golden years, I make positive changes easily and gradually with a tailored made diet, environmental and lifestyle plan.

I recommend and advise on complementary physical therapies including, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, massage, Photizo red light, which can help re-habilitation, balance the energy flow, restore mobility and boost the immune system. 

If you would like to arrange an initial Training & Behaviour or Nutrition consultation please email me at anna@annawebb.co.uk.

All consultations are one on one and can take place on Skype or over the phone.