Broadcaster, Nutrition & Behaviour expert has studied with the College of Integrated Veterinary Therapies


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I’m Anna Webb and I help dogs and their owners harness a fun and fulfilling relationship through proactive and positive training.

I also help owners choose a healthy, natural diet that your dog will thrive on.

Maximising health with simple steps to help naturally balance your dog physically and emotionally to help you achieve long happy life together.

From a training point of view, I do know where you’re at! You don’t know where to start. You’re concerned training might take away his personality. Walks are stressful as he pulls you along, he won’t come back when he’s called, you get frustrated as he isn’t listening to you, food and toys aren’t working, he simply will not focus on you.

I’ve helped many dogs and owners in the same boat, working with puppies, older dogs, rescues, easy dogs and impossible dogs.

Imagine a stress free walk with a calm dog by your side. Think how life would improve with a recall that’s spot on every time and focuses on you everywhere.

This is what I can help you achieve in my one-2-one bespoke training and behaviour sessions. You really can enjoy beautiful, stress-free with your dog in the home, visiting friends, travelling in the car, on the train, anywhere!

Turn your dog’s world into a game that’s based on rules and teamwork and you’ve hit the jackpot!

Tap into your dog’s natural behaviours and turn them to your advantage, whether they’re a Terrier, Gundog or a mix-breed, dogs have one thing in common they’re man’s best friend.


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