A Dog's Life - an overview of practical & ethical gifts for Christmas

This week we chat to select handful of British companies that offer sustainable, natural, and value for money products as stocking fillers that both you and your dog will love this Christmas. 
We talk to Lee Sargent, co-founder of the award-winning grooming and lifestyle brand Sniffe & Likkit. He discusses why the brand fulfils a huge gap in the market for a grooming range that contains no hidden nasties and is based on years of living with dogs, truly understanding what you and your dog really want. 
Emma and Lu, from Dog Ear, talk about their innovative Frankenball soft toy. As artists, Emma and Lu have ‘sculpted’ this toy from up-cycled fabrics and stuffed with sheep’s wool. It's 100% natural and safe - there’s no plastics, and the Dog Ear Frankenballs are gifted in delightful re-cycled packaging that ensures your dog has hours of fun with a minimum carbon paw-print! 
Ashleigh Hunter from Frogg talks about this range of sustainably sourced and produced rubber interactive toys that are tough, offering timeless enrichment, and without a squeak, Frogg encourages a dog to settle without exciting them. 
Christmas is not complete without a festive dinner, so we catch up with Esther Logue from Paleo Ridge to chat about the companies celebrated Christmas Dinner, with a delicious mix of pheasant, turkey and lamb. Not only mouth watering, its ethically sourced ingredients are species appropriate and perfect for dogs to tuck into on Christmas Day.
For the humans Anna chats to Calah Singleton from Souvenir Press about the re-print of arguably the world’s most iconic dog book called A Dog Day. First published in 1902 and written by Walter Emanuel, it's set apart with illustrations by Cecil Aldin. As the diary of a day in the life of a cheeky terrier, the book is funny and heart warming. Despite being 120 years old, this book is as relevant today as it was then as depicting dogs being dogs! 
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