I believe all animals, especially dogs, make us Human

With my advice on training, behaviour and nutrition, I will help you develop a line of communication with your dog built on focus and trust

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A Dog's Life with Anna Webb

A Dog's Life with Anna Webb

How to ensure your dog has the Best Life ever

Why feeding your dog Vegan is Unethical

Who's kidding who? Dogs are carnivores. Thinking of Vegan for your dog? Think again. I tell you why this newfangled trend is, at best, misguided. At worst, Evil. 

Feeding Vegan to your dog is Unethical

Red Light Therapy. It works!

Arthritis? Joint pains? Skin conditions? Itching? My personal journey with Prudence and Photizo's red light therapy. Read more!

Red Light Therapy

My personal training is the best foundation for your dog

As a writer, broadcaster and recognised (and certified) Expert in canine nutrition and dog training, I am actually available for one-to-one sessions. It keeps me connected. And I love it. 

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The Wonderful World of Canine Companionship

This is the journey of a Lifetime. Your dog's lifetime. Let's ensure it's the best ever. Please join me in this.

Anna's advice transformed our relationship with our dog Brisket

Jessica L, Waltham Forest

Anna offered us ‘life-saving advice' to stop my two Cockerpoos' separation anxiety.

Gary, Clapton

We were out of our depth with our Romanian rescue, Anna helped us settle her in, and show us how to train and build her confidence

Paul and Lauren, Hackney