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  • Sea vegetables help sustain ecosystems, boost the planet’s oxygen supply, could these ‘veggies’ be good for dogs?

    Sea vegetables help sustain ecosystems, boost the planet’s oxygen supply, could these ‘veggies’ be good for dogs? 

    Sea Vegetables are nutrient dense, in fact 10 times richer in minerals and vitamins than many of their earth-bound counterparts.

    Research is still only dipping its toe into the ocean of Sea Vegetables’ health potentials, but with many studies giving remarkable positive results, health professionals are considering it as a powerful super-food.

    What’s also interesting is that certain varieties of Seaweeds, like Dulse, which is found on the Atlantic coast of Britain, is shown to fight heavy metal accumulations in the body.

    Its compounds bind with mercury, lead, aluminium, copper, cadmium and nickel. Atlantic dulse goes into deep, hidden places of the digestive tract and gut, seeking out mercury, binding to it, and never releasing it until it leaves the body.

    Never let your dog eat seaweed on the beach! Seaweed found on the beach shrinks in the sun and can expand in your dog’s digestive system, potentially causing a severe blockage. It can also contain pollutants and other sea life potentially harmful. It can give your dog salt poisoning. Best to err on the side of caution and say NO to seaweed on the beach!


  • Music for dogs? What's the best genre?

    Ever wondered about the effects music can have on dogs? Just as for us, science concurs that certain tunes potentially are therapeutic to our pooches. Research proves that dogs given a varied playlist, emulating their heart beat in tempo with higher frequencies is best. Dogs hearing is four times more acute than ours and they hear high and low frequencies that we can’t. Hence dogs’ noise sensitivity to triggers like smoke alarms and fireworks. Interestingly Reggae scored highly in a study by Glasgow University in 2017. The aim to study the effect of genres of music on the stress levels of kennelled dogs. 

    Create a playlist that matches your dog’s heart beat and BPM range, understanding that all dogs are individuals with a higher of lower sensitivity to sound. As stress is contagious from humans to dogs, it’s important that any playlist is as much of a personal experience for you, not only for your dog.  

  • Could the FIDOS rival The Oscars – celebrating dogs in film.

    The FIDOS are held on the same Sunday as The Oscars, and this year were staged at the British Film Institute for the first time.

     The red carpet was packed with a sparkling attendance of film critics, journalists, personalities, actors along with canine celebrities and influencers.


    As Founder ,Cinema Journalist Toby Rose explained: “Our 2024 event raised the bark as it has been an extra special year because of the number of dogs in film from Barbie to Wonka to Napoleon. Plus, there’s been a trend of dogs starring alongside A listers, from Tilda Swinton to Will Ferrell to Mark Wahlberg.


    The judging panel couldn’t have been more ‘qualified’ to make the decisions on which dogs would be awarded the bespoke designed collars by independent designer Creature Clothes.


    An impressive judging panel included Kaleem Aftab, film writer and head of international programming for Red Sea Film Festival:  Peter Bradshaw, film critic for The Guardian; Rita Di Santo, FIPRESCI film critic; Wendy Mitchell, film journalist and author of Citizen Canine; Tim Robey, film critic for Daily Telegraph; Anna Smith, film critic, broadcaster and host of Girls On Film podcast; Joe Utichi, Executive Awards Editor at Deadline and Damon Wise, film Editor.

  • Could Green Lipped Mussel be the species appropriate superfood that’s set to put a spring in your dog’s step?

    One ingredient I am a massive fan of is Green Lipped Mussel (GLM) also known as Perna canaliculus, defined by its green edges on its shell.

    I’ve added GLM into my dogs’ diets since 2009, and the more I’ve read, the more I love it!

    Mr Binks my re-homed English Toy Terrier (now 12 years) began GLM the minute I got him home when he was 2 x years old.

    He suffers from a degenerative bone condition- Legg Calve Perthes Disease. His left hip joint was removed at nine months.

    I’m very pleased to say he’s still very mobile, playful and cheeky! This isn’t just down to his daily dose of GLM, but his species appropriate, ethically sourced, raw, balanced and complete diet.  Plus a variety of physical therapies including acupuncture, massage and red light therapy. 

  • And They called it 'Puppy Love'!

    According to Psychology Today, the human mind naturally creates the need for people to develop close relationships as a means for survival.

    This basic instinct is what drives people to develop close relationships – and those relationships extend to our furry friends. Unlike human relationships, which can be complex and fraught with expectations, our pets offer a simple, pure form of companionship.

    One of the primary reasons we become so emotionally attached to our pets is the unconditional love and acceptance they provide.


  • RUBY the Cockapoo a success story with an integrated wellness strategy

    How Ruby the Cockapoo benefitted from an integrated wellness makeover! Using the appropriate diet for her condition, along with supplements to re-balance her liver function,  Ruby benefitted from fresh whole ingredients , helping with her anxiety. Adding Photizo's Vetcare in the silent version, helped calm Ruby's noise sensitivity, and offer a means to deflect from her 'fly catching'. Adding behavioural therapy into the mix,  Ruby now almost seven is healthy, vibrant and doing well!!
  • Collette Cooper Returns

    Why are we still experimenting on animals? I’m discussing this with singer, actor and animal rights activist with Collette Cooper 

    Talking about why harsh training methods are outdated and wrong in line with the latest research on pandemic dog behaviours from The Royal Vet College 

    Highlighting the dreadful plight of Beagles being tortured in the name of ’science’, we talk about the imminent discussion in Parliament, urging people to sign the petition to help end this needless suffering and abject cruelty.

    We also chat about other Petitions, including #Canthekibble and the news of Pet Abduction becoming a separate criminal offence.

    We talk about health and training, and how Collette’s Parsons Jack Russell, Billy, benefits from eating a raw balanced and complete diet.

    And why keeping your home toxin free using natural cleaning products like those from Ingenious Probiotics

    Helping reduce any indoor stressors- as indoor environments are 3.5 times more polluted than outdoors!

    Tune in here: 

  • Could Walking Your Dog be the Best New Year's Resolution

    Despite great intentions, 80% of us give up on resolutions by the second Friday in January, its known as ‘quitters’ day’! Whether it’s to kickstart more healthy eating, lose some excess pounds, take up running, yoga or just practice mindfulness, it appears us human’s give up! 

    Dogs don’t make New Year resolutions. Dogs depend on us to make so many choices for them, from what they eat, whether they wear a collar or a harness, to where they sleep. What if we turn the tables and let our dogs inspire New Year resolutions?  

    I bet they'd say 'Walk Your Dog' is a good one to begin with! 

  • Does your dog know it’s Christmas?



    Shedding more light on the human-dog relationship, this study adds to our understanding of how dogs may interpret and interact with human psychological states. It also confirmed the truth in the old adage: that dogs can smell fear! Interestingly, in another study from Sweden, scientists discovered that stressed owners and their dogs shared increased levels of cortisol in their hair. 

    When you think of Christmas from your dog’s point of view it’s no wonder ‘tis the season to be stressed.  With an understanding of how changes in routine can affect every individual dog differently.


    Being aware that dogs that aged three years or under won’t have benefitted from as much early socialisation around visitors as older dogs, so preparation and planning this Christmas will make all the difference.

  • A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by Jo Good : Barking at the Nation

    Anna's chatting to broadcaster Jo Good about the journey of the famous ‘dog slot' on BBC radio that she's co-hosted with Anna for 14 years and now is broadcast across the UK. Recapping on how we met, we talk about the media and dogs and how post pandemic the world of dogs has shifted. Anna and Jo touch on interviews and the messages to get across,  and reminisce about their first dogs , Molly the Bull Terrier and British Bulldog Matilda who were TV and radio naturals,


    My passion to feed Molly for optimum health inspired my study on canine (and feline) nutrition at the College of Integrated Veterinary Therapies. The field of nutrition changes almost daily with science increasingly confirming the health value of fresh functional whole foods. Appreciating the key role of food, the new science of Epigenetics investigates the interplay between everything in our environment, including diet, that impacts either positively or negatively to genetic expression, which either promotes health or creates disease.

  • This Autumn / Winter manage your dog's arthritis naturally with a multidisciplinary approach

    Traditionally Medics have viewed OA as a structural disease that involves the breakdown of articular cartilage and its subsequent effect on the joints. Whilst wear and tear overtime is one cause, new technology, and the sciences of Epigenetics and Nutrigenomics highlight how negative environmental influences, like obesity, affect gene expression making dogs more likely to suffer from inflammation of the joints.