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Dogs. They’re companions, guardians, and much much more – they complete us. And they just might save us from ourselves. Anna Webb explores all levels of modern dog ownership and brings to life why every dog is extraordinary. She speaks to scientists and experts - people who have and are changing our understanding of dogs - on everything from emotional intelligence to nutrition to behaviour, delving deep into subjects like homeopathy, telepathic communication and the pet food scandal. It's thought provoking, alternative, and not a little subversive. Cover photo by Rhian @Gruffpawtraits

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Update on Jasmine's Law with MP Andrew Rosindell

Andrew Rosindell MP joins Anna for an exciting update on his proposed Bill: Dogs and Domesticated Pets Accommodation and Protection Bill otherwise known as #JasminesLaw. As a massive dog lover, he discusses the latest which is an event taking place next Friday February 26th, as a webinar on Zoom. In lieu of a second reading in Parliament (due to Covid restrictions) it offers the chance for a roundtable discussion on the invaluable role pets play in our lives, why discriminatory ‘no pet clauses’ are outdated as pets are now considered part of the family. Despite Government amending its ‘model tenancy agreement’ to state that its ‘default’ to live with a pet in rented accommodation, this is still only a set of guidelines. It vital that #JasminesLaw becomes law! So why not register (for free) to join in the discussion next Friday. 

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Anna's Valentine's Day Love Letter to Dogs

This week producer Mike Hanson turns the microphone on Anna to get her whole story of her journey with dogs: from childhood with her first dog Tina and learning animal welfare from her Dad, head of the local RSPCA, to taking on Molly in her thirties that lead to her becoming an acclaimed expert in dogs and a new career in broadcasting, including TV, books, radio and of course, this podcast A Dog's Life.

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Anna talks to Colin Taylor of Pooch Perfect

Dog grooming guru, Colin Taylor, joins Anna to discuss the growing sector of grooming in the UK. With the soaring population of ‘doodles’, grooming as become an essential aspect of daily care that’s often not factored in by new pet parents. As a Judge on the popular BBC series, Pooch Perfect, Colin explains why this show is educational whilst tailored for TV as a ‘knockout’ competition. With over 30 years in the industry, Colin highlights the health and welfare aspects of grooming, not to mention encouraging owners to take on basic aspects of grooming themselves as part of being a responsible owner. He chats about how people can get involved and what it takes to become a ‘master groomer’.


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Author and Journalist Andrew Garfield about A Dog's Best Friend: a brief history of an unbreakable bond

Author and Journalist, Simon Garfield, joins Anna to chat about his latest non-fiction piece A Dog’s Best Friend: a brief history of an unbreakable bond. Talking about his own dogs, Simon discusses why he felt it so important to document our extraordinary journey through time with dogs, man’s best friend. We chat about why in the past 50 years there’s been a fascination with ’the dog’ and how we've perhaps begun to let dogs down. We discuss the highs, the lows, how modern science impacts our relationships and why ultimately dogs are integral to our shared humanity.

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Burly Bear Pom the Influencer. Anna Webb with pet parents Michael O'Hagan and Ken O'Rourke

Burly Bear Pom and his pet parents Michael O’Hagan and Ken O’Rourke join Anna to chat about Pomeranians, and why for them a Pom is the perfect breed. They reveal why ‘Burly’ wins friends and influences dogs and people alike, whether in the park or the on the red carpet. Championing causes and campaigns that he believes in, Burly even chooses from an a la carte doggy menu everyday.


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Do dogs go to Heaven? Anna Webb with Archaeologist and Zooarchaeologist Eric Tourigny.

Archaeologist, Eric Tourigny, joins Anna to discuss his research into pet cemeteries. Whilst this might sound sombre, in fact its an archaeological journey of human-animal relationships through time notably being defined in Victorian era and continually refined as time goes on. Chatting about the little know Hyde Park pet cemetery in London and the Cimetières des Chiens in Paris and others across the UK about what they reveal about us.



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Raw Food and eco-friendly packaging. Anna Webb with Dan Griffin from Wilson's Pet Food

Anna is joined by Dan Griffin, managing director of Wilson's Pet Food, a specialist raw food manufacturer. They talk new raw food ranges as well as eco-friendly packaging.


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Pet Passports and EU Travel. Anna Webb with Andrew Prentis

Anna is joined by Vet and Environmental Advisor Andrew Prentis about Pet Passports and EU Travel. Whilst regulations are much the same, there’s more paperwork in the new Animal Health Certificate.


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Top Dog Film Festival Sunday December 27th 2020

Entertainment for pets and their people over Christmas! Rosie Fuller from The Top Dog Film Festival joins Anna to talk about The Top Dog Film Festival which launches tonight at 7PM. It features a collection of heart-warming independent films celebrating the incredible bond between dogs and their human companions, and viewers (and pets) can watch from the sofa. Whether you’re a dog owner or just like animals, these films are guaranteed to make you laugh, cry and fall in love with man’s best friend all over again. This festival replaces the live event that was scheduled for this Autumn.




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Anna Webb with Jo Good. The 'Barking Blondes' skip down Memory Lane

Broadcaster, Jo Good, joins Anna for a rare chat about the ‘Barking Blondes”. Skipping down memory lane with Matilda, Molly Mr Binks, and Prudence reminiscing about Barking at the Moon, The Titchmarsh Show, Crufts and other TV, their signatory book and many Radio adventures, not least creating the only radio show for dogs that’s aired on BBC Radio London for 11 years.



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StreetVet and pet-friendly hostel accreditation

Co-founder of the award-winning charity StreetVet, Jade Statt, joins Anna Webb to talks about the first-ever pet friendly hostel accreditation scheme launched by the charity! The scheme aims to ensure the one in ten people experiencing homelessness who are pet owners can be housed with their pets. Otherwise, people face the impossible choice of a roof over their heads or giving up their pet.



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Philosophers' Dogs

I bark, therefore I am. Anna talks to Sam Dodson, author of Philosophers' Dogs, about how the great philosopher throughout the centuries often looked to their dog for answers.



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To Neuter or Not To Neuter, with Lise Hansen

Anna caught up with Danish Alternative Vet Lise Hanson when Lockdown was eased to discuss the big question: To Neuter or Not To Neuter? Recent scientific studies suggest that it should be the latter and in Norway it is illegal to spay or neuter. Similarly in Sweden the majority do not spay….could we take inspiration and lessons from Scandinavia?



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Andrew Prentis, Environmental Advisor, flea treatment contaminating our rivers

Environmental Advisor, Andrew Prentis, joins Anna to discuss a recent study highlighting how insecticides and pesticides from regular flea and worm treatments are contaminating our rivers. Affecting the local wildlife, he discusses an urgent need to change the view to routine treatments including testing before treating. He also touches on integrating Homeopathy in practice and why Titre Testing in lieu of annual boosters similarly can help the environment.



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Simba and One-Eyed Suzy

Getting Simba was a big step for busy music executive, Steve Pitron. But when he decided to rescue Suzy, a blind street dog from Thailand as well, he really found out what commitment was.



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Lest We Forget

This Remembrance Sunday Anna is joined by Emma Ward, a Trustee of the National Military Working Dogs Memorial UK. The proposed memorial will honour all the dogs that served in combat to secure our freedom.

Celebrating all dogs that have played and continue to play their crucial roles in the Armed Forces for their ability to scent out explosives, track, and defend us - often paying the ultimate sacrifice.



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Mental Health, Men and Canine Companionship - Anna talks to Psychologist and Author Chris Blazina PhD

The esteemed psychologist and author of Men and Their Dogs joins Anna to talk about his work in men's mental health and how having a dog can help men form relationships and express their emotions; plus he tells an absolutely amazing story of Sigmund Freud deep relationship with his dogs.



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Anna talks to MP Andrew Rosindell tackling landlords' no-pets policy 

Andrew Rosindell MP for Romford joins Anna to discuss his landmark 10 Minute Rule Bill proposing a new legislation known as #JasminesLaw that will end discrimination against pets in rented, social and leasehold accommodation #APetInEveryHome. Chatting about his Staffies Buster and Spike, Andrew also discusses why Breed Specific Legislation is also discrimination, and why ‘VetsGetScanning’ and one microchip register underpins responsible ownership.



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160 Years of Battersea Dogs and Cats' Home - Part Two

In the second part of Anna's trip to the Iconic pet shelter, Head of Legacies and History, Spencer Wisdom, recounts how Battersea Dog and Cats Home survived and adapted over time, including through two World Wars and how it was all sprung from the unusual (for it's time) compassion for strays of a formidable woman, Mary Tealby in 1860.



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160 Years of Battersea Dogs and Cats' Home - Part One

In the first part of a double bill celebrating Battersea Dogs and Cats home’s 160th anniversary, Anna heads south of the river to meet Vet Director, Shaun Opperman and Canine Behaviour and Training Manager, Nathalie Ingham , to chat about how the charity is adapting to the pandemic, to the specific vet needs of some popular breeds and our ‘one-click’ impulse purchases that could increasingly find dogs and cats abandoned. And why giving a dog a second chance is beyond rewarding.



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Sam Gaines from the RSPCA

Sam Gaines, Head of Companion Animal Science and Policy at the RSPCA and is also one of the Society's dog welfare specialists, joins Anna to discuss modern dog ownership in line with the Animal Welfare Act. They also chat about why we need to make the grade as future pet parents, not least in 'walking the dog’ highlighting guidelines recommended for dog walkers in the current absence of stricter regulation.



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Relaxopet !

Frank Bendix, inventor of the Relaxopet, joins Anna to talk about how his ingenious device uses subliminal frequencies that calms your pet and announce a new partnership between Relaxopet and A Dog's Life.


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Rhian The Dog Photographer

Photographer Rhian Ap Gruffydd joins Anna to chat about the art of dog photography, her new business and the loss of her beloved Bichon Frise named Otw. They also talk about taking comfort in Buddhism and its philosophy, providing hope in the face of grief.



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Lise Hansen on the Titre Test

Our In House vet Lise Hansen returns to talk about why every dog owner should get a Titre Test for their pet. We've heard loads about vaccinations and anti-bodies in the news this year so we're all armchair scientists by now. You will be riveted (to that armchair) by the must-know information Lise reveals.



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Independent Retailer SPECIAL

Anna travels to Pet Pavllion in Hampstead, London to find out how independent pet shops were considered essential services during Lockdown and how they give pet parents healthy choices for their dogs.



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Tom and Baggy, the Pollution Detectives

Tom Hunt and his Labrador, Bagheera (Baggy for short!) join Anna along with Tom’s father, Matt, to chat about Tom’s passion for investigating air quality at dog height both indoors and out! His findings have most recently been discussed in Parliament.


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Katrina from Katrina and the Waves (and the Poodles)

Pop star and Poodle lover, Katrina Leskanich, joins Anna to talk about her life with Miss P and her new album Hearts, Loves, and Babys.



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Marc the Vet. Campaigner behind Lucy's Law on stopping puppy farms

 The Vet and Campaigner joins Anna to talk about his journey to end third part puppy sales in England. He reveals the highs and lows as a campaigner to achieve success with #LucysLaw, which became law in April just as the book #LucysLaw was published.



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Dogor the prehistoric puppy from Siberia

Dr Dave Stanton a Research Fellow at the Swedish Museum of Natural History joins Anna to chat about Dogor a prehistoric puppy discovered in Siberia. Dave worked with the Centre for Palaegenetics in Stockholm and dated Dogor as 18,000 years old. As the oldest dog-like creature found so perfectly preserved, could Dogor be the missing link between wolves and dogs? Are wolves dogs or are dogs wolves? When did we domesticate dogs, or did they domesticate us? Dogor as a unique specimen might just have some answers.



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Dr Bob and Susan Goldstein and holistic 'integrative' veterinary medicine

Dr Bob and Susan Goldstein join Anna to chat about their journey to the holistic view and how they’ve pioneered the ‘integrative’ approach that represents the future of modern Veterinary medicine. Plus how their company Earth Animal is setting a precedent environmentally to help pets and their pet parents into the future. They discuss their excitement at launching into the UK with the NO HIDE wholesome chews and why it's a start to help one Earth Animal at a time.


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Gabby Kuehn from PAAW House about private landlords and 'No Pets' clauses

Gabby Kuehn from PAAW House joins Anna to chat about private landlords flying in the face of government guidelines by misinterpreting ‘pet clauses’ or ignoring them completely. 


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Bill Lambert of The Kennel Club and the unprecedented demand for puppies

 Bill Lambert Head of Health & Welfare at The Kennel Club joins Anna to chat about the concerns of an unprecedented demand for puppies as we ease out of Lockdown. The implications for both dogs and their owners, how Lucy’s Law will help stop unscrupulous breeders exploiting dogs, and more!


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Dogs in Film with Toby Rose, founder of The Palm Dog and the Fidos

Toby Rose, cinema journalist and founder of the Palm Dog and the FIDO’S joins Anna to chat about dogs in film. From the silents to the talkies (barkies?), the role of dogs and why they capture our hearts on screen.



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Dave Wardell and Police Dog Fabulous Finn #FinnsLaw

 Dave Wardell and his brave PD Finn join Anna to recount how Finn was brought back from the brink, and how this made new legislation #FinnsLaw and campaigning for #FinnsLawPart2 meaning appropriate sentencing for all animal cruelty & neglect cases.



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Itchy Dogs with Alternative Vet Lise Hansen

Leading Alternative Vet, Lise Hansen (MRCVS, DVM), joins Anna to discuss the huge issue of itchy dogs. Why being atopic is related to environmental stressors impacting negatively on the immune system. Lise also talks about her new book- the Complete Book of Cat & Dog Health. This episode was recorded before Lockdown.



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Feeding RAW. Anna talks to Greg van Praagh of Benyfit Natural

Give your dog a (raw) bone! Founder of Benyfit Natural , Greg Van Praagh, joins Anna to chat about raw feeding. Discussing market trends, debunking some popular myths whilst highlighting the health benefits, it’s food for thought.


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Crime Writer Laura Wilson with Anna Webb about dogs in literature 

Lassie, Toto, and 101 Dalmatians. Crime Writer and Dog Lover Laura Wilson talks about the role dogs have played in Literature for decades.



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Dr. Claire Guest, CEO of Medical Detection Dogs and Cancer Research

The CEO of Medical Detection Dogs, the ground breaking charity that trains dogs to sniff out disease by harnessing their extraordinary sense of smell joins Anna to talk about the early days pioneering cancer research through to how these dogs help save lives and the role they can play in battling Covid-19.



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Veterinarian Lise Hansen with Anna Webb on Homeopathic Treatments for Dogs

The Alternative Vet talks to Anna about homeopathic therapy for dogs.



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Veterinarian and Environmental Advisor Andrew Prentis on the sustainability of pets

The renown Veterinary Surgeon and Environmentalist speaks to Anna about the impact - positive and negative - pet dogs have and why keeping pets might not be sustainable.



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Rupert Sheldrake author of Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home

The eminent biologist and author of Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home talks to Anna about the science behind our pets' 'sixth sense'.


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