Dog Training, Behaviour & Nutrition in London

A trained dog is a happy dog - and makes for happier families!

I combine over 20 years’ experience training including helping many supposedly impossible breeds such as my own Miniature Bull Terriers, and helping to solve difficult problems.

Training provides a line of communication to make the sky the limit. By building this line of communication you create a relationship based on focus and trust.


Dog Training and Behaviour - Anna Webb


If you turn your dogs’ world into a game based on rules and teamwork, you’ve hit the jackpot.

I’ll explain how to pre-empt your dog’s undesirable behaviours turning them into positive fun alternatives -  all on your terms.

Whether you need puppy training, socialisation or have a senior you’d like train new tricks or want to take on new challenges like some scent work, trick training even canine freestyle.


Dog Training and Behaviour - Anna Webb
I only combine positive reinforcement with proactive play to achieve the results to loose-lead walking, perfect the elusive 'recall' and build new house rules as many of us adapt to working from home. 



Dog Training and Behaviour - Anna Webb


If your dog has turned into a difficult teenager, or developed some anxiety issues including reactivity, or a combination of all these issues, I’m happy to help.

Through positive training the sky is the limit to achieve your lifestyle goals with your dog by your side.



In my study with the College of Integrated Veterinary Studies I qualified as a natural canine nutritionist.

I have always believed that you are what you eat, and that diet optimises health and can prevent disease.

Hippocrates famously said: “Let medicine be thy food, and food be thy medicine”.  


Dog Training and Behaviour - Anna Webb


Feeding your dog (and cat) as nature intended can alleviate conditions like itchy paws, allergic reactions and skin conditions, sensitive tummies, even stiffness and arthritis.

A natural functional species-appropriate diet brings lustre and vibrance back into your dog’s skin and coat, bright eyes and zeal for life.Switching to a species-appropriate diet that’s not packed with starch and sugars will help behaviourally too.

I feed with an awareness that we're not living in a perfect world. Food energises us at a cellular level and there are times when some key supplements are needed.


If you would like to arrange an initial Training & Behaviour or Nutrition consultation please contact me . All consultations are one-on-one (or one-on-family) and can take place on Zoom or FaceTime or over the phone. To book a Zoom or FaceTime consultation, please click here.


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I offer one to one sessions and can provide an initial consultation on FaceTime or Zoom, in line with social distancing. Please get in touch


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Dog Training and Behaviour - Anna Webb

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