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Dog Training and Behaviour - Anna Webb

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As a pet expert, Anna has contributed to ITV1's Titchmarsh show, Channel 5's Gabby Logan show, and SKY1's 'dogumentary' A Different Breed.

Anna also contributes regularly across national radio including TalkTV, Radio 2, Radio 4 and BBC Radio Scotland, BBC Radio London, BBC Local Radio GBNews, BBC Politics and LBC


In her Podcast, A Dog’s Life with Anna Webb, Anna investigates all aspects of modern dog ownership, bringing to life why every dog is extraordinary, talking to scientists and experts who have changed, and are changing, our understanding of dogs.


Dog Training and Behaviour - Anna Webb

Broadcaster, Nutrition and Behaviour expert. Anna contributes to TV and Radio nationally including BBC Local Radio, every Friday on Late Night Jo- airing Barking at the Moon  11pm- midnight 



Dog Training and Behaviour - Anna Webb

 Passionate about animal welfare, Anna learnt about cruelty and neglect at an early age because her Dad worked for the Shropshire branch of the RSPCA.


Anna is an Ambassador for charities including Wild at Heart Foundation and All Dogs Matter. Plus Anna supports and is involved with Dog Advocacy Ireland

Anna Webb is a columnist for several dog and health magazines, including Edition Dog, Your Dog , Animal Therapies Magazine, Vanity Fur

"Combining my Psychology degree with my qualifications from the College of Integrated Veterinary Studies, I fuse my interest in natural holistic healthcare into my training and behaviour advice.

I am also a Member of IAAT, the International Association of Animal Therapists and a Bronze Affiliate of the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society."



According to Anna, "My biggest teachers have been my own dogs, namely Molly, my first Miniature Bull Terrier. Her passing highlighted how dogs define chapters in our lives - not least with Molly - as one half of the ‘Barking Blondes’.

I’m now owned by Prudence, my Miniature Bull Terrier, Mr Binks, my re-homed English Toy Terrier, and my rescued ‘street cat’, Baggy who thinks he’s a dog!"


The Barking Blondes 

Dog Training and Behaviour - Anna Webb


Co-authoring the book, Barking Blondes, defined Broadcaster Jo Good and Anna Webb's journey as the Barking Blondes and the launch of the first dog slot on BBC Radio London, Barking at the Moon, which later transferred to primetime as The Barking Hour. The show now airs Nationally on BBC Local Radio 



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