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  • A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by Artist Robert Clarke

    This week we’re joined by artist, Robert Clarke, known for his stunning portraits of dogs. Talking to us from NYC where he moved from London, we chat about the differences in dogs and their people across the pond, but why commissioning a unique piece of art is still considered a ’must have’ for dog owners. We chat about his up-coming new A-Z of dogs, which will be created and available to buy in time for Christmas. As an update to his original A-Z of dogs circa 2012, this will highlight the shift in breed popularity to include more doodles. We calling out to A DOG’S LIFE listeners to contact Robert with your ideas for the new A-Z (watch this space on Instagram). And of course to get your order in time for Christmas!
  • A Dog's Life with Anna Webb on dog friendly screenings at the Picturehouse Central

    This week we’re joined by Amber Pegden, Marketing Manager at The Picture House Central. Based in Piccadilly in the heart of London’s Theatre land and Soho, it's also home to very special dog friendly screenings. Amber has been instrumental in creating this extremely popular dog-centric cinematic experience. She chats about why as a dog owner herself she understands why fellow dog owners would prefer to go and see films with their dogs. Interestingly it's not to see Lassie or 101 Dalmatians, it's the latest ‘blockbuster’ movies.

  • A Dog's Life by Anna Webb joined by Dr Dan Allen on Pet Theft Reform

    This week we’re joined by Dr Daniel Allen, Animal Geographer at Keele University, and champion of Pet Theft Reform. In the wake of Government shelving what was called the Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill, Dr Dan, along with pet theft campaigners including SAMPA (the Stolen & Missing Pets Alliance) and Vets Get Scanning, to lobby Government hard again to bring in a separate law with appropriate penalties for stealing all pets, but mainly dogs who have been victims of organised crime for decades.
  • A Dog's Life by Anna Webb with Dr Lise Hansen on the dangers of neutering

    This week we’re joined by Dr Lise Hansen who returns to talk about the latest science behind neutering and spaying. We last recorded an episode about this same subject three years ago, it seems that the messages from a raft of science on the side effects of neutering is yet to filter down into routine Vet practice.


    Dr Lise explains that the issue surrounds the reproductive LH Hormone, which continues to be produced by the brain even when the sex organs are removed. This hormone accumulates in the body and becomes out of balance, creating health issues from osteoarthritis, cancers, to hypothyroidism.

  • A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by DogaMahny talking on Puppy Yoga

    Mahny is passionate about Doga as offering a therapy for you and your own dog. It is not related to this new trend in any way. Doga practices the principles of Yoga: positive energy, mindfulness: kindness and altruism as part of Ayurvedic culture. 
    The ITV News investigation by Sam Leader, Daniel Hewit, and Imogen Barrer uncovers the dark side of a growing wellness trend, Puppy Yoga. 
    In a world where influencers are continually looking for the latest social media trend to jump on it seemed that puppy yoga, the practice where young dogs roam around your yoga class, was a perfect fit
  • A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by John Honchariw Founder of Companion

    This week we’re joined by John Honchariw, founder of Companion. This is the groundbreaking new device recently launched in the USA that deploys AI to train, entertain, feed, and monitor the health of your dog.


    It’s a stationary robot that engages with your dog and cleverly adapts as your dog learns, fulfilling a dog’s instinctive needs to hunt, chase, and forage. Designed by dog lovers for pet parents to help maximise good behaviours like settling, learning sit, recall and down, whilst minimising unwanted behaviours like destructive chewing, barking, whining, and pacing.

  • A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by Phil Green and Scarlett the Beagle

    This week we’re joined by Phil Green, animal advocate, dog lover and proud pet parent to Scarlett the Beagle. Rescued by The Beagle Freedom Project in 2016 from a toxicology laboratory in Hungary, she had been bred by Marshall Bio Resources at the huge HQ in New York for the purpose of vivisection.


    Scarlett is one of the very few lucky ones enabled freedom, aged only two years.  Both Phil and Janie Green had their names down for a rescued Beagle, understanding the long socialisation journey ahead. Scarlett adapted very well to her rural life in Essex, and enjoys the sights, sounds and smells of woodlands, and outdoors that she was deprived of.

  • A Tribute to Gremlin joined by Dr Zazie Todd

    This week in loving memory of Gremlin, tune into my chat with Dr Zazie Todd - CompanionAnimal Psychology -  talking about her book Purr. In our conversation on cats , the lack of science on their behaviour (compared to dogs), I recount several hilarious anecdotes on Gremlin, which will make you realise why I named him Gremlin, the lengths he went for to help Molly when she was poorly, and why Gremlin was quite a cat for someone’s first feline! He is so missed, but I hope is he is reunited with Molly across that rainbow bridge.
  • A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by Brenda Stowers- Le Pet Express

    Brenda Stowers joins us to chat about Le Pet Express. Her passion to offer straight forward service to travel in and out of the UK began with her own experience when relocating from California into the UK. She  flew into France because dogs and cats can travel in the cabin as long as they fit in front of your airline seat. From Paris they entered the UK on a ferry in a rented car service.

    Le Pet Express lessens this anxiety, whether you’re relocating, or popping over to Paris for a long weekend, or driving traveling onward into Europe. Le Pet Express offers help with all the newly complicated paperwork, and Brenda handles bookings and holds customer’s hands through checking the minute details of the Animal Health Certificate needed for British pets to enter France.

  • A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by Ruth Milner

    This week we’re down at the Mind, Body and Spirit show where we caught up with Ruth Milner talking about ‘Red Light Therapy’. As a member of the International Light Association, Ruth is an expert authority on the power of light as a healing modality. We discuss the sudden boom in LED sourced Red and Near Infrared devices, which have flooded the beauty market recently. We chat why not all ’devices’ are the same in their evidence based doses.

  • A Dog'sLife with Anna Webb joined by The Kennel Club's Bill Lambert

    This week Kennel Club spokesperson, Bill Lambert, joins us to chat about how during this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week, they explored the theme of anxiety. One of the most common mental health problems today, affecting people of all ages, and this new research also highlights the different ways in which owners, from all walks of life, believe their dogs help with their mental health.
  • A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by Pet Bereavement Councillor,Daw Murray

    This week we’re joined by Pet Bereavement Councillor, Dawn Murray. She has over 20 years experience working in the heart of the pet bereavement world, not only offering pet bereavement support but also as a pet undertaker. She has won numerous awards in relation to her work including a Points of Light award. She lives near Edinburgh with her husband and two whippets. For many years she has had a passion for retired racing Greyhounds and has loved and lost over 25 of her own pets. In her book 'An Introduction to Pet Bereavement Counselling’ she highlights the psychology behind grief.