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  • A Dog's Life with Anna Webb : Dr Amit Patel and his Guide Dog Kika

    Amit Patel joins Anna to talk about his Guide Dog, Kika, and how she transformed his life following his sudden sight loss only eight years ago. The arrival of a young yellow Labrador straight out of training was a baptism of fire for Amit. At first he was unsure if this particularly stubborn, but brilliant dog would have his interests truly at heart.
  • Why I'm offering natural nutrition, behaviour & more at LMH Townhouse

    Why I am so excited to offer natural nutrition consultations, as well as training and behaviour advice and more at the new LMH Townhouse. My journey inspired me to study with The College of Integrated Veterinary Studies. Combining my Psychology degree to help others with training and behaviour and more. My focus is on the three pillars of health, helping mentally, physically and emotionally.
  • A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by Vet & Environmentalist, Andrew Prentis

    Vet and Environmentalist Andrew Prentis joins Anna to chat about the excremental rise in dog mess since the pandemic began. Without pointing fingers, it seems that it's the owners of the pandemic puppies who do not understand why it's so important to pick up and bin poop as a responsible owner. We chat about whether a reluctance to pick up is down to some poop’s consistency, as generally overly processed diets can product voluminous soft poop that can be tricky to pick up. In contrast, naturally fed dogs tend to poop firm, easy to bag stools. We touch on the impact to the environment and whether an abundance of the smelly stuff is a public health risk. But as the minority spoils things for the majority, its time to shape up, not least for your dog’s reputation and self respect.
  • Media Guru, Mickey McMonagle talks dogs, particularly Pondecos

    Mickey McMonagle joins Anna to talk about the first dog inspired column in a National newspaper, which set a big trend! How his love of dogs from Spaniels, Chihuahuas is now also focused on helping Spanish Hounds, known as Pondencos. A chance encounter on holiday in Ibiza introduced Mickey to the Spanish Hound, one variety is the Ibizan Hound and it was love at first sight.
  • A DOG'S LIFE with Anna Webb, chatting to Broadcasting legend, Jenni Murray

    The Broadcasting legend Jenni Murray, famous for Woman’s Hour, joins Anna to chat about the dogs in her life. From Taffy her first, a Corgi mix, her Mini Schnauzers and to Butch the first of her Chihuahuas, playing a significant role in Jenni’s life, not least for being her steadfast companion as Jenni battled  cancer.Through this journey Jenni and Butch became inseparable, with his funny quirks revealing how dogs most certainly have emotional intelligence, intuition , and a sense of humour. Jenni’s book My Boy Butch is a tribute to this little dog, as well as defining some of her darkest times. We chat about new animal legislation and sentience, whether dogs should be vegan, and why dogs are a social network without technology.The role of women and dogs and vice versa. What dogs teach us. And why dogs remain a constant in times of change. We chat about Jenni's new podcast Now I’m Grown Up, highlighting how we can adapt and develop news skills sets, and why life is just better with a dog.
  • Grass Seeds: the cause of many dogs summertime blues

    As pesky as biting bugs, even as life threatening as overheating, the insidious grass seed often gets underestimated for inflicting the summertime blues.

    Despite looking harmless enough, on close inspection grass seeds are shaped like a dart, about one to two centimetres long, with one end that can penetrate your dog’s outer skin.

  • A Dog's Life with Anna Webb: Author & Journalist Henry Mance

    The Financial Times’ Chief Features Editor Henry Mance joins Anna to chat about his incredible book: How to Love Animals in a Human Shaped World. We discuss how to bring balance back into our lives so that animals can live a fairer life. Investigating whether us humans should all give up eating meat, to the conflicts between animal activists, conservationists and environmentalists, it's an utterly brilliant read. Henry even worked in a slaughter house and on a pig farm to experience meat production on the ‘frontline’, revealing how meat gets on our plate, few have had such graphic insight. Whilst dogs sleep in our beds, pigs are gassed using carbon monoxide.
  • A DOG'S LIFE with Anna Webb: Pet Flea and Worm treatments are contaminating our rivers

    Environmental Advisor, Andrew Prentis, joins Anna to discuss a recent study highlighting how insecticides and pesticides from regular flea and worm treatments are contaminating our rivers. 


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  • A DOG'S LIFE with Anna Webb. Talking about Woofstock 2021

    Anna is joined by Woofstock’s organisers, Heather and Carol, who talk about staging this world-class dog centric festival as we ease out of lockdown. We get the scoop on the event, why in its fourth year, it draws crowds nationally. We find out what’s on, what you and your dog can enjoy.
  • Big steps for Animal Welfare in the UK

    The Government's proposals announced on May 13th by DEFRA are set out in a flagship Action Plan for Animal Welfare, which will see several new laws coming into effect, transforming the lives of animals in this country.  

    Legislation will now be underpinned by Environment Secretary George Eustice’s landmark Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill, which formally recognises animals as sentient beings in domestic law.

  • A DOG'S LIFE with Anna Webb. Jonny Clowes Editor at Thames & Hudson talks about Magnum Dogs

    Jonny Clowes Editor at Thames & Hudson chatting about Magnum Dogs 

    Jonny Clowes, Editor at Thames & Hudson, joins Anna to chat about a stunning celebratory collection of photographs called Magnum Dogs. Spanning eight decades, featuring an idiosyncratic pedigree of the journalistic, artistic and storytelling. This collection is all about the dog. Selected from over 2,000 images, Magnum Dogs features Henric Cartier-Bresson, Robert Capa, David Seymour, and George Rodger and many more. 


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  • A DOG'S LIFE with Anna Webb. Ira Moss General Manager of Charity, All Dogs Matter

    Ira Moss, General Manager of London based rescue charity, All Dogs Matter, joins Anna to discuss the impact of the pandemic on the charity. Talking about the holistic picture that’s impacting negatively on dogs. From impulse buying online to a lack of understanding about dogs, the trends for flat faced breeds like Frenchies.  

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