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  • A Dog's Life with Anna Webb Joined by Nikki Tibbles and Sam Toft

    We’re joined by Nikki Tibbles, CEO of Wild at Heart Foundation (WAH) and the Artist, Sam Toft at the Panter & Hall Gallery on Pall Mall. We chat to Nikki about the truly amazing welfare projects helping dogs in need around the globe. Talking about their work, Nikki explains that 75% of the world’s dog population are strays. 
    Most recently WAH is partnering with food banks to help dog owners struggling to feed their dogs in the cost of living crisis. Nikki’s passion is to stop puppy farms, stop online sales, and promote adoption here in the UK with rescues brimful post pandemic. 

    Sam concurs with rescuing, and her own rescue a German Shepherd called Betty is a police dog, trained, but rejected in Romania. Having spent so much work on Betty explains why rescuing and rehabilitating dogs is just so rewarding. Fulfilling a talent and true love of dogs, Sam once wanted to become a dog trainer.  In her Art, Sam illustrates her ‘imaginary’ family and friends, and bring dogs into her art as characters that resonate.  The wonderful naivety of Sam’s work is accessible capturing moments of joy, reflection, sadness and fun.
  • A Dog's Life with Anna Webb on the XL Bully Judicial Review

    We’re  joined by Amber Ellis  theofficialbullycollective and Felix Robinson PetTrustUK talking about the urgent fundraising appeal initiated by Sophie Coulthard #dontbanmelicenseme
    The funds raised so far have allowed for Barrister John Cooper QC  to be appointed and serve Thérèse Coffey, EFRA and DEFRA, with a Pre Action Protocol Letter in Judicial Review.  The capital is to fund the Judicial Review on the XL Bully ban as the case proceeds. With a tight deadline, groups are campaigning to raise the remaining funds to ensure the suit goes forward. As part of the banning so many owners face the fact that the ban is based on measurements. 
  • A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by Caroline Alupo talking PTSD in dogs

    We’re joined by Caroline Alupo, a canine behavioural consultant with 18 years experience and a master's degree in Ethology.  Specialising in PTSD in dogs, Caroline and I discuss how trauma affects dogs just as it does people. How dogs communicate their stress in different contexts and how to help overcome their fears. We chat about how science concurs children are deeply affected in some cases losing their imagination.  Caroline is also the co-founder of the dog app called Petli. As a new and really useful App, I’m very excited to shout about it, and recommend that everyone takes a look.
  • A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by David Vozar on Chippy the Dog

    This week David Vozar joins us to talk about his inspirational Chippy - the little white 'webtoon' pup who has spread joy, kindness, and positivity to billions of people globally for over a decade in the world of GIFs. David is Chippy’s official ’scribbler and draws on his memories of his childhood dog. After many years working in publishing he returned to his true love of drawing and taught himself animation. In an effort to push back on all the negativity in social media he thought that bringing Chippy each day with messages of unconditional love would resonate with people. 
  • A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by Esther Logue talking You Are What You Eat

    This week I’m joined once again to friend of the show, Esther Logue, from  Paleoridge  talking about why nutrition is a pillar to wellbeing and optimum health. We talk about how a raw food diet helps your dog with health and behaviour issues. I explain why when I was gifted a bag of dry food 22 years ago at Molly’s (my first mini bullterrier’s) first vet visit, I thought better of this ‘new’ way to feed a dog, and sourced raw green tripe instead! We chew the fat and lay to rest some misnomers around raw food, and why its simply peace of mind in a bowl.
  • A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by Lady B founder of the NFRSA

    Lady B discusses why she launched this charity to help all service dogs and horses in their retirement. Raising funds so that the charity can help with vet bills, and make their golden years really golden after serving the public so bravely. 
    Having celebrated the charity’s first birthday a few months ago, Lady Bathurst will be departing on 13th September for 3 weeks - cycling from Lands End to John O'Groats. 
  • A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by Niall Harbison

    When we’re joined by Niall Harbison talking about his book, Hope, which is about how Thailand’s street dogs taught him the meaning of life! Originally from Tyrone, Niall moved to Thailand after selling his marketing and PR company.


    Niall who was a self confessed alchoholic who in moving to Thailand became worse, ending up in in intensive care, and nearly died. His rescue dog fromIreland called Snoop was his inspiration to get out of hospital and clean up his act, channelling his energy and into helping hundreds of Thai street dogs. 

  • A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by Lucy Meggeson of Spinsterhood Reminagined

    When we’re joined by the amazing animal lover Lucy Meggeson to talk about her cat called Johnny Depp. On the rare, yet significant appearance of a cat on A DOG’S LIFE, is to celebrate cats and pay tribute to Anna’s late cat, Gremlin, but also to talk about Anna’s and Lucy’s mutual connection, which is Johnny Depp.
    Lucy's own ground breaking podcast - Spinsterhood Reimagined - dares to investigate the elusive yet secretly celebrated world of Spinsterhood. What it means and its growth as arguably a very cool demographic. More importantly why Spinsterhood is growing and how Lucy helps empower women in a world where conventional ‘almost Victorian’ values are increasingly misplaced. 
  • A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by Artist Robert Clarke

    This week we’re joined by artist, Robert Clarke, known for his stunning portraits of dogs. Talking to us from NYC where he moved from London, we chat about the differences in dogs and their people across the pond, but why commissioning a unique piece of art is still considered a ’must have’ for dog owners. We chat about his up-coming new A-Z of dogs, which will be created and available to buy in time for Christmas. As an update to his original A-Z of dogs circa 2012, this will highlight the shift in breed popularity to include more doodles. We calling out to A DOG’S LIFE listeners to contact Robert with your ideas for the new A-Z (watch this space on Instagram). And of course to get your order in time for Christmas!
  • A Dog's Life with Anna Webb on dog friendly screenings at the Picturehouse Central

    This week we’re joined by Amber Pegden, Marketing Manager at The Picture House Central. Based in Piccadilly in the heart of London’s Theatre land and Soho, it's also home to very special dog friendly screenings. Amber has been instrumental in creating this extremely popular dog-centric cinematic experience. She chats about why as a dog owner herself she understands why fellow dog owners would prefer to go and see films with their dogs. Interestingly it's not to see Lassie or 101 Dalmatians, it's the latest ‘blockbuster’ movies.

  • A Dog's Life by Anna Webb joined by Dr Dan Allen on Pet Theft Reform

    This week we’re joined by Dr Daniel Allen, Animal Geographer at Keele University, and champion of Pet Theft Reform. In the wake of Government shelving what was called the Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill, Dr Dan, along with pet theft campaigners including SAMPA (the Stolen & Missing Pets Alliance) and Vets Get Scanning, to lobby Government hard again to bring in a separate law with appropriate penalties for stealing all pets, but mainly dogs who have been victims of organised crime for decades.
  • A Dog's Life by Anna Webb with Dr Lise Hansen on the dangers of neutering

    This week we’re joined by Dr Lise Hansen who returns to talk about the latest science behind neutering and spaying. We last recorded an episode about this same subject three years ago, it seems that the messages from a raft of science on the side effects of neutering is yet to filter down into routine Vet practice.


    Dr Lise explains that the issue surrounds the reproductive LH Hormone, which continues to be produced by the brain even when the sex organs are removed. This hormone accumulates in the body and becomes out of balance, creating health issues from osteoarthritis, cancers, to hypothyroidism.