A Dog's Life with Anna Webb. Rupert Sheldrake on the sixth sense and telepathy between dogs and their owners


Rupert Sheldrake is one of my heroes! He’s known for highlighting how telepathy exists between people, and between dogs and their owners.

Having read Rupert’s book “ Dogs that know when they’re owners are coming home’ 10 years ago, I wanted to share his work, and how Rupert proved scientifically how dogs pick up on their owner’s intentions.

For example, when they’re returning home.




Reading Rupert’s books vindicated me as I had experienced so many uncanny moments shared with my first Miniature Bull Terrier, Molly.

Despite already sharing radio time with Rupert as a guest on BBC Radio London’s Barking Hour, which I’ve co-hosted for a decade, chatting to Rupert in his library was a bucket list moment! (see below for a snippet and the link to the podcast)



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