Shining a light on Red Light Therapy


I was introduced to Photizo Vetcare in 2014 by Animal Physiotherapist, Sherry Scott, MBE.


Sherry was helping me with Molly, my first Miniature Bull terrier, who suffered with her deformed paws that inhibited her mobility as she got older.


Despite spending literally thousands with conventional vets, after only a few sessions with Vetcare I could see her feet changing from old crusty deformed pads into soft young and pain free paws.


I was able to ease any arthritic symptoms too in her back legs too helping her maximise her front and rear ‘wheel’ drive!


Eager to learn more about how Red and near Infrared light works I’ve studied with Photizo.


When this red light combination is offered at evidence based frequencies it’s a powerful tool to reduce inflammation and pain. It promotes healing naturally way below the mitochondria and deep at a cellular level.


It restores and rejuvenates damaged cells working to heal from the inside out.  I’ve had plenty of opportunity to see how it works, not least with Prudence (successor to Molly). As a puppy Prudence managed to damage her knee joint in one of her over excited moments.


Rather than rushing for surgical options, which can make such an injury worse, I manage her slipping kneecap naturally using Photizo Vetcare combined with a raw diet and supplements like Green Lipped Mussel, regular massage and careful exercise.


With my re-homed English Toy terrier, Mr Binks, he has a degenerative condition called Legg Calves Perthes Disease. His left hip joint was removed at nine months before he came to live with me.


A combined approach integrating a healthy nutrient rich raw diet, massage and regular sessions with Photizo paid dividends. Five years on and he is transformed from the thin, bald and anxious dog. He loves life especially as co-host of my podcast A DOG’S LIFE.


Photizo Vetcare is a must have! It also helps with wounds and has been invaluable on occasion when I’ve suffered a yoga injury like a twisted knee, even a broken toe!





You can now purchase Photizo directly from my website. Please click here!