A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by Author and Journalist Genevieve Fox

This week Anna meets up with Author & Journalist, Genevieve Fox, and her Miniature Schnauzer, Pepper on Hampstead Heath.

Retracing their steps spent training on an ‘experience’ walk, where Anna highlighted some training tips. That walk was for an article in The Observer magazine about walking your own dog, and how it helps your dog’s and your own well-being.  Passionate about punctuating your dog’s day, and building proactive games into an everyday walk for extra enrichment. 

Anna demonstrated how to connect with your dog and make the walk interactive. Genevieve and Anna chat sitting on a log that became a fun agility obstacle. They chat about why its important to train a perfect recall, so your dog is never a nuisance to other people or their dogs. Why spending quality time with your dog means you get to know your dog.

And why training and adapting life around your dog through their life stages helps keep them on the ball, and reduces anxiety. But they also discuss how dogs enrich our lives, often in times of crisis.

Apart from highlighting how Pepper helped Genevieve and her family through the Lockdowns, but when Genevieve was diagnosed with cancer. We chat about her book, Milkshakes and Morphine and why Pepper helped the family cope and pull through this testing chapter. We talk about how social media influences are connections , even to dogs, but ultimately why a house is not a home without a dog!

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