A Dog's Life by Anna Webb joined by Dr Dan Allen on Pet Theft Reform

This week we’re joined by Dr Daniel Allen, Animal Geographer at Keele University, and champion of Pet Theft Reform. In the wake of Government shelving what was called the Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill, Dr Dan, along with pet theft campaigners including SAMPA (the Stolen & Missing Pets Alliance) and Vets Get Scanning, to lobby Government hard again to bring in a separate law with appropriate penalties for stealing all pets, but mainly dogs who have been victims of organised crime for decades.


Brought to a head in the pandemic when the demand for puppies outstretched supply, along with prices for puppies soaring to ridiculous levels, canny criminal activity reached preposterous levels with scamming, stealing dog in daylight, breaking into private gardens and more.


As a crime with little consequence under the antiquated Theft Act 1968, dogs are classed in law as chattel. This means that stealing dogs is a low-risk, high-gain business for criminals. The penalty is the same for stealing a laptop, a phone or a car. During the pandemic there was much talk of creating a specific law that factored in the enormous emotional attachment between dogs and their owners and the trauma to individuals suffering from this ‘abduction'.


We discuss this at length not least that science now concurs that dogs have emotional intelligence -they are not chattel. So Dr Dan has launched a new petition to re-galvanise Government to take action - please sign the petition!!!!

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