A Dog's Life by Anna Webb with Dr Lise Hansen on the dangers of neutering

This week we’re joined by Dr Lise Hansen who returns to talk about the latest science behind neutering and spaying. We last recorded an episode about this same subject three years ago, it seems that the messages from a raft of science on the side effects of neutering is yet to filter down into routine Vet practice.


Dr Lise explains that the issue surrounds the reproductive LH Hormone, which continues to be produced by the brain even when the sex organs are removed. This hormone accumulates in the body and becomes out of balance, creating health issues from osteoarthritis, cancers, to hypothyroidism.


The science is only 10 years old, and change can be slow to take effect. But according to Dr Lise this is the biggest news in the Veterinary world, which she predicts that in 10 years time, neutering will be considered not only an  unnecessary, but unethical procedure.


Dr Lise points out that in Norway it is already illegal to neuter unless for extreme health reasons, and in Scandinavia generally it’s frowned upon as a practice compared to the complete opposite in the USA where Dr Lise thinks that a possible alternative like vasectomies for dogs and ovary sparing spays for bitches will become the norm, in the USA, but for now Dr Lise encourages you to read the science much of which is included in her book : The Complete Book of Cat and Dog Health.


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