A Dog's Life with Anna Webb hosting a 'Visit From the Vets'

This week Anna is joined by three pre-eminent vets in a rare round table discussion.

Recorded at the Natural Pet Care Show, Anna chews the ‘fat’ with Dr Nick Thompson, Lise Hansen, and Andrew Prentis.

We talk about a variety of topical issues including vegan dogs, neutering, Titre testing, and natural preventative treatments.

 As a rare opportunity to chat with three pre-eminent Vets, Anna laps up their views that highlight that many routinely accepted procedures like neutering can in fact be extremely damaging. 

Routine booster shots, something that's close to Anna's heart, being one aspect of GP practice that has been scientifically proven to be unnecessary, yet despite puppy shots often creating a lifetime of protection, many vets insist on annual boosters. 

De-bunking many modern vet myths, its well worth a listen.

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