A DOG'S LIFE with Anna Webb. Ira Moss General Manager of Charity, All Dogs Matter

Ira Moss, General Manager of London based rescue charity, All Dogs Matter, joins Anna to discuss the impact of the pandemic on the charity. Talking about the holistic picture that’s impacting negatively on dogs. From impulse buying online to a lack of understanding about dogs, the trends for flat faced breeds like Frenchies who despite their cute looks are deceptively stubborn and often complicated as a Bull Breed. Why new owners through the pandemic having paid extortionate prices for puppies are opting to re sell dogs online to re-coup some costs, rather than bring them into rescue. The dreadful effect on dogs being shoved from pillar to post without informed knowledge or care for the dog’s future. How this attitude could change the face of rescue in the UK, with massive consequences to dogs.

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