A Dog's Life with Anna Webb is joined by Comedian, Author, Podcaster, Rosie Wilby

This week Anna is joined by Comedian and Award Nominated Podcaster, Rosie Wilby, talking about her new book The Break Up Monologues: The Unexpected Joy of Heartbreak.

Using her own experiences and those of some others, Rosie investigates why life can be like a palindrome: going backwards and forwards. The book discusses how tragedy through time becomes comedy, and how we learn from our mistakes, as we try to understand ourselves through others.

Pets feature as a major strand through the book as highlighting why they can save a relationships, and equally work to break them up - It’s me or the dog type scenarios! Brilliantly written, very funny and sad, it's a roller coaster and a thought provoking look at what makes us human.

And why pets, dogs in particular, perhaps can humble us into understanding the truth - and that really dogs are ‘man’s best friend’ being able to to truly offer what we seek in people - unconditional love.

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