A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by Actor, Singer, Songwriter, Collette Cooper.

This week Anna is joined by actor, singer, animal activist, Collette Cooper.  As mum to Billy the Parson-Russell terrier, she chats about her life long love of dogs and all animals, how Billy came into her life.


We discuss why feeding a balanced complete raw diet keeps Billy in great shape. And how much he loves their proximity to Hampstead heath.


We also talk about how inspiring pets can be, as noted in the book Women and Dogs, which features many greats from Marilyn Monroe, Billie Holiday, Bridget Bardot, and Janis Joplin who Collette portrays in a one woman play with live music called Tomorrow May Be My Last. Collette even mentions George, Janis' dog, in the script.

To listen to the episode tune in here