A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by Andy Pearce at Petcover

This week Anna is joined by Andy Pearce, CEO of Petcover Insurance. As an expert of many decades in the filed of pet insurance, we chat about why a dedicated pet focused insurance company is the best to opt for.


Specialising in animals should mean that representatives are understanding to your needs, and be familiar with the treatments and emergencies that pet owners will be claiming for. Launching Petcover a year ago into the UK market, it is a long established insurer in Australia.


We discuss the differences between the UK and Australia, and he answers a lot of questions from the issues with pre-existing conditions, accidents, lifetime cover and why insurance firms often do not pay out for dentals and issues with pet’s teeth.

We also discuss the caveats that are common with insurance policies including annual boosters, insurance for only one condition - once. And why that can be an issue for pet owners who have not read the small print, or don’t understand why an ear problem can only be claimed for once.


We chat about Petcover and why as a firm it is passionate about education, helping pet owners make the right healthcare choices to keep their pet in optimum health. And why as a firm they are all about happy, healthy pets!

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