A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by Annie Wilson : What's in my Genes


This week Anna is joined by Annie Wilson who has launched a petition to lobby Government to ensure that dog breeders health test all their breeding stock; and to act responsibly, putting health and temperament before profit. With only 30% of all puppies bred being registered with the Kennel Club and even fewer being Assured Kennel Club breeders.


This leaves an enormous gap where testing is concerned. Despite new legislation for licensed dog breeders being introduced, it still leaves breeding of dogs with known health conditions up to the individual breeders, many of whom will still breed for an unhealthy dog for profit. Causing huge heart break for those taking on a pup that in Annie’s case suffers from elbow dysplasia is a long painful journey through that dog’s life. 


We chat about her Bernese Mountain Dog called Button and how aged only four, she has suffered with complicated surgery, rehabilitation and lack of early socialisation that is all down to her breeder being irresponsible. Annie has launched a petition called What’s In My Genes to lobby Government to enforce health testing and to set up a databased where parents’ test results are logged making breeders accountable, basically enforcing the recommendations and health tests already stipulated in certain breeds. 

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