A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by Author Jane Elson

This week Children’s Author, Jane Elson, joins Anna to discuss why animals, especially dogs, feature in her books. Dyslexic herself, Jane writes for those with reading difficulties, highlighting how animals help children in so many ways, not least in learning to read out loud.

In her multi award winning ‘Moon Dog’ , she depicts the  horrors of the puppy farming trade. Raising awareness for the next generation of dog owners, she worked with the charity All Dogs Matter to convey the horrific details, and the effects of losing a puppy on the whole family. 

In  her latest novel Storm Horse, inspired by the racehorse Seabiscuit, who in the 1930’s represented hope for the Americans struggling through the Depression; and why history can inspire the present. Jane also highlights why horses help build children’s confidence, helping them learn to read and be in the moment. Weaving characters through her series, she’s inspired by London and the legacy of her own kitten called Crayon who sadly died very young.

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