A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by Author & Journalist Marika Cobbold

Anna talks to best selling author, Marika Cobbold, about her latest novel, On Hampstead Heath, where a small dog, Gillie, plays a central role in driving the plot. Gillie is based on her own dog, Gilbert, who was stolen and later found dead in another part of London in 2019.

The book is about love, loss, and the truth in a world so shaped by social media. It's a about friendships, traditions  and family, but above her it's about how dogs are such a major part of our lives.

Gillie is a cameo of Marika's own dog, Gilbert, whose short life was a tragedy. Remembered in the book his legacy lives on. But their journey highlights the utter cruelty that is dog theft, and the heart break it brings.

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