A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by Brenda Stowers- Le Pet Express

This week Brenda Stowers joins us to chat about Le Pet Express. Her passion to offer straight forward service to travel in and out of the UK began with her own experience when relocating from California into the UK. She  flew into France because dogs and cats can travel in the cabin as long as they fit in front of your airline seat. From Paris they entered the UK on a ferry in a rented car service.



Coordination took months of planning and a lot effort to find a trusted provider to cross the Channel. The only other option was to put her cats in cargo and fly direct into Heathrow. The issue with traveling in the hold as cargo means you lose control, and it can be super stressful for your pet.



Le Pet Express lessens this anxiety, whether you’re relocating, or popping over to Paris for a long weekend, or driving traveling onward into Europe. Le Pet Express offers help with all the newly complicated paperwork, and Brenda handles bookings and holds customer’s hands through checking the minute details of the Animal Health Certificate needed for British pets to enter France.


Having designed the minibus especially to accommodate five pets and their people in line with DEFRA’s regulations, Brenda has traveled with Great Danes to Chihuahuas, Ferrets and of course cats. Le Pet Express is an ideal option for larger dogs that cannot travel in cabin due to their size, which puts owners off taking them abroad.

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