A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by Caroline Alupo talking PTSD in dogs

We’re joined by Caroline Alupo, a canine behavioural consultant with 18 years experience and a master's degree in Ethology.  

Specialising in PTSD in dogs, Caroline and I discuss how trauma affects dogs just as it does people. How dogs communicate their stress in different contexts and how to help overcome their fears. We chat about how science concurs children are deeply affected in some cases losing their imagination.

We talk about diagnostic tools, prognosis and how tore-balance your dog. In the process we discuss how the bond between you and your dog gets stronger through building communication, focus, and trust.

Discussing how emotional intelligence is now recognised in dogs, Caroline’s study underlines the importance of compassion and understanding that every dog is an individual. We chat about episodic memory and why contexts (similar to in people) can trigger reactions in dogs.   

Caroline is also the co-founder of the dog app called Petli. As a new and really useful App, I’m very excited to shout about it, and recommend that everyone takes a look.

I know how many of us are intimidated by dog training classes, worry we might be the worst in the room, anticipate reactions from your dog and more.

That’s part of the reason why Petli is so good - it offers pet parents the chance to train their dogs in their own time, either to practice in-between training classes, or to top up your training in an older dog.
The Petli App is skilfully designed to put the fun back into dog training. It takes steps very slowly in precise increments, so your dog learns the cues and you learn to become adept at understanding your own individual dogs limits of concentration, and of course what works best as the reward.


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