A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by Catriona Lowry of the Hilltop Sanctuary

This week Anna is joined by Catriona Lowry from The Hilltop Sanctuary in Ireland. Catriona gave up a career in fashion to dedicate her life to helping animals. Not just dogs, but pigs, donkeys, chickens and a lot of horses.

In a country where there appears to be an abject negligence to the health and welfare on many animals, it was a Fortune Teller that predicted Catriona’s journey. Setting up the Hilltop Sanctuary has changed Catriona’s life, and made her realise the importance of helping creatures with no voice.

Whilst a baptism of fire for her, giving up her fashion career in London, this episode certainly highlights that some animals can indeed benefit from the luck of the Irish.

We chat about her ongoing campaigns to fund this not for profit organisation, highlighting some terrible cases, but always with a smile on her face and a touch of lipstick.


To listen to the episode tune in here