A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by Dale Nash at Pawable

This week Anna is joined by Dale Nash from Pawable who chats about a new Collar-gen that’s been launched for dogs.


From the makers of a human collagen called So Body Co, the Collar-gen for dogs was inspired as customers would ask if they could give the human brand to their dogs. Being passionate about preventative care, and prolonging longevity, Anna couldn’t wait to find out more about this product, and discuss the benefits of Collagen as a supplement.


As a structural protein, it's known for helping joint health, but also as being a structural element of all our cells. It helps with cellular energy, processes, immune responses, cellular communication , and processes for tissue maintenance, especially in the intestinal wall.


We chat about why to add collagen to your dog’s diet helps dogs especially those on processed diets, but also allows to know your dog is taking a bio available source of collagen.

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