A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by Dale Nash from Pawable

This week Anna is joined by Dale Nash from Pawable to discuss the first collagen (Collar-gen) for dogs.


As the market booms in humans for collagen (and for good reason) it's important to understand that just as it depletes in us as we age, the same is true in our dogs. Not only 100% natural, the Collar-gen is species appropriate and easily absorbed through the gut.


As a very important structural protein abundant in all our cells, it helps with mobility, skin & coat and digestion. The success of Collar-gen since its launch earlier this year is testament to its efficacy, vouched for by Anna’s dogs Prudence and Mr Binks.


Her cat Gremlin is also taking it, proving how it can be taken by any mammal. NEW to Pawable’s range is Calming which is a supplement packed with a combination of anti-inflammatories and anti-bacterials that combine to boost the immune system, respiration, and brain health.


Like a multi-vitamin, it offers a multi-purpose supplement combining of herbs like Thyme, Chamomile, and Ginko along with Phytoplankton, Coconut oil, Gogi berries. Offering value for money per serving, it's something to think about for Christmas.

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