A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by Debbie Humphreys - Red Hound For Dogs

This week Anna is joined by Debbie Humphreys, the founder of Redhound for Dogs. As a small independent business, Debbie chats about why she set up her business to offer Whippets with a stylish, yet practical coats for wet , wintry walks.


We chat about her passion for the Whippet, her concerns as Whippets’ popularity has grown through the pandemic. The worry being Whippets may fall victim to unscrupulous breeders, or to pet parents without the experience to take on a ancient sight hound.


Singing the praises of Whippets as fabulous companions for the right people, Debbie is passionate about helping the underdog and has raised funds for several charities, including Underdog International, helping dogs in Ukraine.


Creating special fleece dog blankets / throws that are handmade in Kent, these blankets have been auctioned for Underdogs International, and make a great custom designed gift. Other projects to promote sustainability is knitting. And knitting for your dog.

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