A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by DogaMahny talking on Puppy Yoga

This week we’re joined by Mahny Djahanguiri (DogaMahny). Mahny is the UK and Europe's leading founder and author of DOGA -Yoga for you and your Dog. She is also a Ashtanga yoga teacher with whom Anna has practiced both Yoga and Doga. 
Seven years ago Mahny learnt of Puppy Yoga and began delving deeper into these classes, which were benefiting from the success and growing recognition of Doga. Thanks to her determination she was thrilled that she helped an ITV investigation of this new trend and its exposé recently aired on mainstream national UK news. 
Mahny is passionate about Doga as offering a therapy for you and your own dog. It is not related to this new trend in any way. Doga practices the principles of Yoga: positive energy, mindfulness: kindness and altruism as part of Ayurvedic culture. 
The ITV News investigation by Sam Leader, Daniel Hewit, and Imogen Barrer uncovers the dark side of a growing wellness trend, Puppy Yoga. 
In a world where influencers are continually looking for the latest social media trend to jump on it seemed that puppy yoga, the practice where young dogs roam around your yoga class, was a perfect fit.
On the face of it, the events provide an enticing mix of cute animals in a relaxing environment, creating images that are perfect for sharing on social media. But the ITV News investigation offers a glimpse into a differing reality than those filtered Instagram videos might lead you to believe.
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