A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by Dr Amit Patel & his Guide Dog Kika

This week Anna welcomes back Dr Amit Patel and his famous Guide Dog, Kika. We chat about a new programme on Cbeebies called Dog Squad which is all about teaching children just how amazing dogs are in helping their owners. For Dr Amit, Kika is his eyes.


There are four other superhero dogs featured: Tinks, Sylvie, Meagaidh and Diesel. They all have amazing jobs! We chat about how the TV show also aims to break down preconceptions on disabilities, and explain why dogs can help people live independent lives.


Giving an educational view on dogs and how they help people is going to inspire the next generation to understand dogs, and look at disability in a new light. Dr Amit talks about how he is an Ambassador for Guide Dogs having had his life transformed by Kika, and he speaks out as to why Assistance Dogs should never be refused access; how some venues, taxi firms and more refuse Kika entrance which is against the law.


Dr Amit also chats about Kika and Me, the best-selling book highlighting their journey. As Dr Amit admits he was skeptical a dog could help him as much as Kika has. He also announces a huge piece of news: that his book is going to be made into the film! More on that in another episode coming soon!


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