A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by Dr Jean Dodds

This week we’re joined by the legend that is Dr Jean Dodds talking about vaccines.


As one of the pioneers to research the duration of immunity (DOI) of modern vaccines, Dr Jean has led the way for the WSAVA (The World Small Animal Veterinary Association) to recommend Titre Testing over annual boosters. Having studied how the DOI of initial puppy shots can last a minimum of three years, if not a life time, Dr Jean believes in #TestBeforeYouTreat and that’s for annual vaccines as well as wormers.


A Titre test picks up the serological immunity that your dog has developed against the core diseases: Parvo, Distemper and Hepatitis, and helps pet guardians manage their dog’s immunisation rather than over vaccinate.  For over five decades Dr Jean has noted the side effects of many vaccines, not least from the ingredients or adjuvants that are added including Mercury.


We chat about the difference between active vaccines and non-active vaccines, and the possible side effects from the latter, and what you can do to minimise the risks. We chat about the best time to vaccinate your puppy, and we also discuss Hemopet the blood bank Dr Jean founded in 1986 where bloods for Thyroid assessments are sent globally.


In 2015 Dr Jean published the best selling book Canine Nutrigenomics - foods to heal your dog naturally. We also talk about environmental stressors and the food chain too!


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