A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by Dr Sean Wensley

This week Anna is joined by PDSA Vet Sean Wensley chatting about his book Through A Vet’s Eyes. As a candid exploration of how we live with animals in the modern world, Sean explains why we mustn’t lose touch with nature and all animals in the natural world.


They offer stark contrast to our farm animals and pets being kept in captivity. We discuss the importance to understand the Five Domains: Nutrition, Behaviour,  Physical health, the Environment, and the Mental Health of all animals. In the wild these domains are provided naturally through survival, but Sean argues we can all do better to ensure the well-being of all animals in our care.


He chats openly about his experiences as a bird watcher noticing how captive birds display behaviours that indicate stress, unhappiness and boredom. We talk about why play with dogs and cats is better than food as a way of engaging them and tapping into their natural instincts.


We talk a lot about farming and how our perceptions  of food, and meat have changed in the past few decades. How consumers can drive change creating a demand for ethical rearing and practices;  about understanding the natural collaboration between animals and humans, and why we could all do better especially under the Animal Welfare Act 2006, itself a radical step change, the details of which are often misinterpreted, overlooked, or ignored.


We also chat about Government and the new Sentience and Kept Animals Bill that still awaits its airing date.

Listen to the episode here