A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by Esther Logue talking You Are What You Eat


This week I’m joined once again to friend of the show, Esther Logue, from  Paleoridge  talking about why nutrition is a pillar to wellbeing and optimum health

We talk about how a raw food diet helps your dog with health and behaviour issues. I explain why when I was gifted a bag of dry food 22 years ago at Molly’s (my first mini bullterrier’s) first vet visit, I thought better of this ‘new’ way to feed a dog, and sourced raw green tripe instead!

We chew the fat and lay to rest some misnomers around raw food, and why its simply peace of mind in a bowl.

That’s when you’ve researched your firm, confirming the ethical quality of the meats, packaging ,and compony ethos.

We chat about Mr Binks and how I’ve managed his degenerative bone condition minimising any inflammation in his body by feeding species appropriate and bioavailable ingredients - at nearly 12- he’s proof something is working!

We also discuss treats and why maintaining a healthy diet in your training sessions and as enrichment shouldn’t compromise your whole food regime.

We talk about the new range of treats from Paleoridge and why the Lamb Lung is possibly my favourite dog treat ever!

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