A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by Incredible Kratu

This week Anna is joined by Tess Eagle-Swan talking about her book Incredible Kratu, a Carpathion/Mioritic Shepherd cross puppy who captured Tess’s heart from a photo on Facebook.


This was at a point when Tess needed to change her life. Wanting to escape the rut of London life that was spiralling out of control, Kratu offered the solution as Tess’s salvation.


The book is the story of soul mates brought together by chance. The story of a pup born in a Roma Camp in Transylvania who has gone on to become an International canine treasure. As a trained assistance and therapy dog he has brought joy to millions through his antics.


But the role he’s played in Tess’s life is compelling. Tess has discovered how to love and trust again through Kratu as he opened her world to new horizons, leaving behind her troubled beginnings.

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