A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by Janetta Harvey talking SchauzerFest

This week Anna is joined by author, Janetta Harvey, who is also the founder of SchnauzerFest.

Supporting Schanuzers needing care and forever homes, it’s also a hub for Schnauzer owners. Inspired by Janetta’s first rescue mini Schnauzer, Susie-Belle, who was scarred being bred on a puppy farm in horrific conditions.

Passionate about campaigning to ban this evil trade, Janetta rescued one of her current four schnauzers, a boy named Albert Claude, from the one of the UK’s largest puppy farm (Eric Hale’s in NI, he was exposed in a Panorama documentary, the Dog Factory, in 2016, did nothing to stem let alone stop his horrific business), he was sold in a pet shop and given up to a rescue the next day (aged 5 months).

Her other three - Renae, Cerise and Angel are also puppy farm rescue dogs. She chats about why ending puppy farming is clearly very difficult, and discusses how hard it is to rehabilitate dogs exposed to such atrocities. Why she does this in Susie Belle’s memory, which was the subject of her book 'Saving Susie Belle'.

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