A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by Jo Good : Barking at the Nation


Anna's chatting to broadcaster Jo Good about the journey of the famous ‘dog slot' on BBC radio that she's co-hosted with Anna for 14 years and now is broadcast across the UK. 



Recapping on how we met, we talk about the media and dogs and how post pandemic the world of dogs has shifted. Anna and Jo touch on interviews and the messages to get across,  and reminisce about their first dogs , Molly the Bull Terrier and British Bulldog Matilda who were TV and radio naturals,


We chat about how this year  where legislation  is tightening its grip with Public Space Protection Orders, the XL Bully ban, and what’s in store for 2024, not  least Jo’s  YouTube channel ‘MiddleAgedMinx’ that is not to be missed!


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