A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by John Honchariw Founder of Companion

This week we’re joined by John Honchariw, founder of Companion. This is the groundbreaking new device recently launched in the USA that deploys AI to train, entertain, feed, and monitor the health of your dog.


It’s a stationary robot that engages with your dog and cleverly adapts as your dog learns, fulfilling a dog’s instinctive needs to hunt, chase, and forage. Designed by dog lovers for pet parents to help maximise good behaviours like settling, learning sit, recall and down, whilst minimising unwanted behaviours like destructive chewing, barking, whining, and pacing.


Companion aims to minimise stress, anxiety, and boredom when your dog is left alone, offering mental stimulation and enrichment.  With games and features supported and designed by world-class behaviour and training experts focusing only on positive reward based training, the technology is easy to use offering pet parents real-time remote communication and interaction with your dog.


Companion plans to launch in the UK soon so watch this space!

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