A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by Kate Bendix from Worm Counts for Dogs

This week Anna is joined by Kate Bendix, a friend for over a decade, to discuss worms! Kate runs Worm Counts for Dogs, an online service enabling you to test your dog for worm eggs.
We discuss why doing a worm count test four times a year will give you a good insight into how your current wormer is working. It will also allow you to only worm your dog when a worm count test comes back with a positive result.
Choose between a worm egg count, a lungworm count or their combo worm and lungworm count tests. Kate explains why there’s also a test for Giardia, and why #TestBeforeYouTreat is a manta embraced more commonly in the EU. 

We chat about diet and why feeding raw helps keep your dog’s immune system healthy and flea and ticks bites minimised. Kate has written books including My Itchy Dog to help pet parents find natural solutions to stop the the itch. Kate also authored the book The Dog Diet and writes for various companies and newspapers. 
Tune into the episode here