A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by Lisa Tully

This week Anna is joined by Animal Communicator and Holistic Healer, Lisa Tully. We chat about how Lisa who worked in the pharmaceutical sector for years before becoming disheartened, and looking for health solutions that resonated with her.


We chat about how a trip to Mongolia and a course in Shamanism changed her pathway forever, releasing some deeper energetic force. Her aim to help pet parents and their animals overcome trauma, holding onto stress, and achieve balance mentally and emotionally.


Lisa draws on flower essences, herbs and botanicals as solutions, and gives her suggestions to keep pets calm through the stressful time through Bonfire Night, into Christmas and New Year. 


Lisa talks about  offering advice on overall well-being, which includes courses on animal communication, empowering pet parents to understand their pet better. Lisa focuses on animals as sentient beings with emotional intelligence.


Tune into the episode here