A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by Lucy Meggeson of Spinsterhood Reminagined

When we’re joined by the amazing animal lover Lucy Meggeson to talk about her cat called Johnny Depp. On the rare, yet significant appearance of a cat on A DOG’S LIFE, is to celebrate cats and pay tribute to Anna’s late cat, Gremlin, but also to talk about Anna’s and Lucy’s mutual connection, which is Johnny Depp.
Lucy's own ground breaking podcast - Spinsterhood Reimagined - dares to investigate the elusive yet secretly celebrated world of Spinsterhood. What it means and its growth as arguably a very cool demographic. More importantly why Spinsterhood is growing and how Lucy helps empower women in a world where conventional ‘almost Victorian’ values are increasingly misplaced. 
We discuss all the animals who have impacted on Lucy since childhood, and why her cat, Johnny, fulfills some inner nurturing instinct. We also discuss why Spinsterhood could be enviable for some, and chat about the episode Anna recorded with Lucy  revealing her meeting with Johnny Depp one evening in Soho. 


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