A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by Lynne McTaggart

This week Anna is joined by the pre-eminent natural health guru, Lynne McTaggart to chat about her journey to becoming an award winning author of seven books, including worldwide bestsellers: The Field, The Bond and The Power of Eight.
Lynne is also the editorial director of the worldwide magazine What Doctors Don’t Tell You, as well as the  founder of the Natural Health Show, which for the first time combines The Natural Pet Care Show in June in London. 

She chats to Anna about the pets that influenced her as a child , particularly a ‘mutt’ named Mac, and why animals mean so much on a personal level; but at a bigger picture in terms of helping shape our humanity.
Lynne believes in the power of consciousness and group intention to heal. Also in the sixth sense explaining why animals can pick up on their humans intentions being connected through social bonds.
Tune into the episode here