A Dog's Life with Anna Webb joined by Michelle Southern of StreetPaws

This week Anna is joined by Michelle Southern, Founder of Street Paws. Celebrating the charity’s sixth birthday, it's raising awareness of rough sleepers and their dogs with a national 274,000 steps challenge.
We chat about Michelle’s commitment to help the rough sleepers and homeless community with dogs, and how the charity was born. Supplying dogs with everything from vital vetcare, microchips, medication, food, blankets, coats, collar, their outreach teams help hundreds of dogs a month. 

Michelle and Anna discuss why dogs are so important to the homeless community; they are literally all these people have. They also talk about why they are so committed to them and why they have a better life than many dogs as they’re with their human 24/7. 

But as the bond between them is so tight it can cause problems to find pathways for the homeless. All because so many hostels and social accommodation still refuse dogs. And no one is prepared to abandon their loyal best friend.

The 274,00 steps challenge is a national campaign  and aims to raise awareness for the estimated 274,000 people that are now homeless post pandemic, with thousands more likely to lose their homes.
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